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A Duty to Offend

Anti-woke in a PC nightmare

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Brendan O'Neill

spiked is the magazine that wants to change the world as well as report on it. They are committed to fighting for humanism, democracy and freedom. spiked was launched in 2001, as Britain’s first online-only current-affairs publication, and is edited by Brendan O’Neill.

Anti Woke by Brendan O’Neill takes a cudgel to identity politics. From woke white people to the tyranny of transgenderism, from Islamo-censorship to the fashionability of mental illness, O’Neill takes aim at it all. He puts the case for free thinking, free living, and free speech.

"This is what happens when you think hyper-racially, as the left now does, in alarming contrast to earlier leftists who said ‘Let’s be colourblind, guys’: you resuscitate racial stereotypes."

"He says things that you're not meant to say." Alan Jones 2GB

Brendan O'Neill

Freedom of Speech and the Right to Offend


In this selection of essays, celebrated columnist and editor Brendan O’Neill takes a cudgel to identity politics.


Fuelled by humanism, this selection of essays put the case for a new enlightenment, and for rediscovering our faith in ‘the dignity and excellence of man’.

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