Prof. Stephen Hicks & Gloria Alvarez

From March 12th-16th of 2020, Dr. Stephen Hicks and Gloria Alvarez took the stage for a series of Melbourne events as they navigated the mysterious cultural landscape of current-day political correctness and postmodernism, exploring how it's affecting our present and halting our drive for progress.

The recordings captured the following events:


1. Culture Wars 2.0: How Political Correctness is Shaping Your World


With Professor Stephen Hicks


2. Searching for Solutions: A Deep Dive into the Postmodernist Epidemic  (all day event)


With Professor Stephen Hicks


3. Justice Warriors: Against the Anti-Social Warriors


With Professor Stephen Hicks and Gloria Alvarez

Watch all recordings of Dr. Stephen Hicks' Australian lecture series (11 hours of content) exclusively on thinkspot. 


All 11 hours will reside on the True Arrow thinkspot event page. These can be re-watched anytime.

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