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True Arrow Academy of Critical Thinking


TAACT is becoming an educational resource platform which connects Australian youth with international educational and subject matter experts, to encourage critical thinking and debate, bring about educational reform, and thereby facilitate personal and societal growth.

Ways We Help

Education has become indoctrination:

  • Drag Queen Storytime at local libraries push gender fluidity and seek to breakdown biological truths.

  • Cancel culture eliminates classic texts for anti-PC historical references no longer in vogue.

  • Australian history is re-written and restricted to serve a populist agenda.

  • Mental health is compromised with alarmist end-of-world propaganda.

  • Students are mocked and abused for questioning popular opinions.

  • Open debate. critical thinking and discussion is suppressed.

While Postmodern ideology chips away at objective truth - the space is filled with ideologies that erode the foundations of a productive education.

TAACT pushes back by: 

  • Providing non-politically correct; historically accurate; non-woke lessons aimed at developing critical thinkers.  

  • Asserting the value of morals, ethics, and truth.

  • Connecting students with intellectual heavyweights on a global scale.

  • Facilitating the flow of information into the most remote and isolated regions of Australia.

  • Encouraging open discussion and debate.

  • Equipping Australia’s youth to respond to modern political challenges.  

  • Building a generation of informed individuals who seek to build upon the solid foundations of civilization.

TAACT's duty-of-care is to educate children in order to uplift our society against those who set out to destroy it for them; help shape the education and minds of young people; create an appetite for slow and steady nation-wide (and international) educational change, counteracting the regressive nature of subversive education in Australia and other countries.