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August 2019: Tour dates to be announced

Mind the Gap

Bridging the Indigenous Divide 

Jacinta Price tour

No Political Correctness

No Identity Politics

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Indigenous Alice Springs town councillor who has come under fire in the media for expressing opposition to the idea that Australia Day should be moved to another date, because of the offence it causes the indigenous community; and for arguing that some segments of the Aboriginal community spend too much energy on being perpetually aggrieved, and not enough on attending to the real issues that the community faces.


Jacinta is the daughter of former CLP politician Bess Price, and won the 2011 NAIDOC Awards Artist of the Year.


In the wake of a growing ‘Change the Date’ movement, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, dives deep to uncover what is causing further division; what is distracting us from bridging the indigenous divide and what a connected future would look like. 


With over 20 years of experience delivering cross-cultural education, Jacinta will also give her unique insights on the Uluru Statement, her opposition to the ‘Change the Date’ movement, and other indigenous affairs elements that are not having a meaningful impact on Australia’s most marginalized.


Jacinta's 2-hour presentation will not be hindered by political correctness or identity politics. From incarceration, to family and domestic violence, welfare dependency, corruption and mafia in the Northern Territory, land councils, and Warlpiri culture, be prepared to go deep into the issues and discover Jacinta's proposed solutions towards bridging the Indigenous divide. 


Part of Jacinta's mission is to bring awareness of issues preventing Indigenous people from succeeding in a modern Australia. Awareness is the first step to positive change for all Australians. 

The event includes an exceptional and engaging presentation followed by questions from the audience. 
Followed by meet and greet for all ticket holders.

"Symbolic acts have no meaningful impact on Australia’s most marginalized so why then are so many so happy to invest vast amounts of energy into a meaningless symbolic act. It is a pathetic attempt at appeasing resentment, anger and white guilt…."

"Why are these abused and assaulted women and children — all of whom are Australian citizens — being used as sacrificial lambs for the enforcement of ideological thinking?"

Jacinta Price

Jacinta Price tour

2- hour Talk and Q&A |  Followed by meet and greet for all ticket holders

Concessions: Senior's Card, Pension, Full-time student, DVA

Sep 10


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