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At a time when Australians are facing unprecedented pressure to keep silent or to acknowledge only the approved opinions, True Arrow provides alternative speakers, videos and educational content to offer solutions that will help Australia thrive, not perish, which inspire us all to hew to the truth and to state those truths in the public sphere.


Democracy relies on informed citizens having and stating opinions publicly. Through being part of the True Arrow community, people feel emboldened to challenge the apparent consensus and develop informed and independent opinions, which is the essence of virtue and character, and stand united in the face of those who silence, ridicule and condemn anyone who stands against the status quo.

Sam is passionate about what he's bringing to the table; passionate about joining you on a journey towards what's really best for society and our future together; passionate about sifting through the false narratives and aiming for truth.

Sam needs your help to grow; to keep offering professional, and expertly executed events; to spread the need for truth as far and wide as possible. Your support will help him to continue the necessary debate and help create nation-wide, meaningful change, creating a prospering modern Australia; while combating the degenerative narratives plaguing our society.

Whatever your capacity, Sam looks forward to creating a better future for our country with you.

Thank you!



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